Friday, March 20, 2009

the power in the seeing is believing


Another not so crazy week for the t-o-e. Fleshed out more details for stories I'm working on.
"The Thing That Happened In The City" and I bought back two chaacters I think about off and on "The Mother and The Father". They basically are characters who create/ give birth to super heroes for worlds that don't have heroes of their own. Anyway, It's fun shit. We'll see what happens.

Things at the job ae going well. Dulcinea is still fucking my head up. Still don't know how resolve that problem. Got a smile the other day so it can't complain too much about that situation.

On The home front, I'm still sick. This cough won't go away but the Mucinex is helping.

That's it for today. Till tomorrow I remain--
'Your Friendly Neighborhood'


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