Tuesday, May 12, 2009

32 years to 100

Sweating the small things as usual. I've been doing it for so long it's hard not to. But today's my birthday and maybe my mind will give me a break. Speaking of birthdays, today begins my journey into year 32 of my 100 year mission. During year 31 I went to few new places met a few new people and still really didn't go boldly where this man(?) has never been before. Dulcinea still fucks my head but not as bad as anymore. Thinking about giving up on her all together but we'll see. Never say surrender I guess.

32 years and I don't know man. Got so many plans dreaming of far off lands -trying build hope were none existed -trying to climb this lifetime slope almost slipped it -no one said it was this hard to get what you want -a million ghosts made by my own magic haunt my everything looking for life beyond my mind space-i often feel i'm losing this race -seldom offered comfort from her face- that's lie -in her i can see the finishline and she's all that's divine but i'm sure i missed my chance to make her heart dance so i get horse this lone ranger must live his course i don't know man maybe one day i will


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