Saturday, February 05, 2011

Nothing 2 talk about a lot

just bored a lot. sadly killing time till 10pm monday night. not really hungry. could eat though. nothing on tv worth watching. internets is dull right now. the once former future love may be on the facebook but we have nothing to say to her. the other chick aint ready yet. bored a lot right now. christ it's 7pm fuck the tv. sitting in the cold room thousand and one things to do. nothing worth doing.thinking about eating...sigh. not depressed just not motivated. just bored a lot. ate too much milk. body aches a lot. random thought a lot. cold in here. must resist sitting on facebook and eating right now. divorced the milk flavored food tonight. like i said random thought a lot. fuck grammar a lot. hate sitting in here alone a lot. a whole hell of waste a lot. i know the minute i go to sit on facebook all night people will be posting about they did tonight. fuck them a lot. assholes i hope they rot... not really. so yeah this post was a waste. hope you didn't waste you time reading it. reader that doesnt exist.

Tyrone!-a lot


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