Monday, May 10, 2010

Dont Give Up So Easily...

Is what I say but I do. I look at those pictures of the broad and I know I need to stop but I can't. I'm a little bit addicted. Trying so hard to fight it.There aint no rehab for this kinda of addiction. I kinda wish there were. she writes crypt shit on the page. dont know who shes talking bout. probably aint me but i know i was at some point. fuck it try to let it go T. sigh...

anyways, need to go workout. so bored today. nothing to watch. no one to talk to. the sun will be out soon and then the day will be over. a total lost and before you know it i'm back at the job looking forward to my next vacation. i really need to kick this workout thing into full gear.

1 hour later...
Just finished the workout thing...didn't do much but my arms are a little sore.
the end.



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