Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Need to draw something

Don't feel like sleeping. Kinda tired but not really. Want to quit my job. Same old story. Bugger. I'm really cold right now too. Wondering if should go back to school or what. I should but I have that whole ordeal. If I'm gonna go through tht I rather go to a school I really want to go to. I need to draw something. Fed Ex aint sooooo bad but you shouldn't work there more than 4 or 5 years tops. You can move up the latter but if your heart aint in it get out as soon as you can. I need to draw something. I did draw something. I'm calling it--Blue Rose. It's first "contour line" floating head picture I've done that wasn't a monster. The picture I'm working on now is a bull with covered in a snake skin pattern. Then I'm doing Horus Joe/ Eagle-Head's detatched head. I need to come up with a process for writing. I have a few stories I want to do. I just need to flesh them out. and...I need to draw something.



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