Saturday, September 05, 2009

3 day VAY-K: Day 1 Saturday Morning weekly wrap up

Monday- Slept most the of the day. Went to work. Found out I was working next to Miss Deluxe Burger. Need to remember to do something nice for the Team Leader. He hooked me up...again. Last time I worked next to her I was all nerves. Thank goodness for second chances. Hmm.. can't remember what I talked to her about but we did talk.

Tuesday- Slept all day. Went to work. Hung out with Miss Deluxe burger most of the night. My wing man ( the girl whose party I didn't go to) chatted me up t my can and that attracted Miss DB. So, all three of us hung out. A GREAT time was had by all, mostly me.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were more of the same. Good week. Hope next week is just as good.

-Tyrone On Everyday


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