Saturday, August 29, 2009

post early saturday morning random damndom

Yawn...I'm gonna sit here and type until I figure out what I really want to talk about. I wonder if I'm the only one reading this blog. For my sanity I hope so but if someone is reading it oh well. I havent got anything to hide. except this miss deluxe burger shit i've been talking about. if she reads this shit, she's never talk to me again. not that she is in the first yeah I'm a monster not a beast. typing random shit because I can't sleep. kinda hungry but there aint shit to eat. gon to a party later but feeling scared like a sheep. dont wanna go but need to take a leap. i'm so bored. should be drawing something but fuck it all if nothing is coming. need a new job cause shit is getting real. Dulcinea the deluxe burger haunts my everyday even my beautiful nightmares. so i sit here and type away at the computer screen hoping to get struck by a bolt of lightning and go SHAZAM so I can save my own day. but it's never that simple nope you cursed with a head full of pimples and and body made of dimples. dont cry this shit aint forever. never say never always be a winner. aslong as you remember you are the master of your beast. now do work son the day has just begun.

-Tyrone On Everyday


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