Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teh Post Saturday Random

Wonder what I should be doing right now. Not much of a club goer. Even if I had friends to go out with, I don't think I would go. I should go draw. I haven't done anything new all week. Next week I need to go out and but a new chair for my desk. Maybe that will inspire me to draw more.

Wonder what would happen if I drew a picture for her...hmm My be too forward but it's not like I havent confessed my love for her, it would be nice I could talk to her outside of work. You're a weird one Mr. have no real problems in this world yet your life seems like a mess...not a mess just a state of confusion. I need some advice in the worse way but I don't trust anyone enough to ask...I'd like to put this thing on hold till we're both older but the future is so uncertain...The funny things is ears from now I'm gonna look back at this blog and instantly figure out what I should have done..Honestly this shit is a learning process. I should have learned this things years ago but i'm the slow kid. So better late than never.

LMAO, Tyrone Aaron boy, you cold hearted bastard. Who knows where you'll end up. But me thinks you're finally enjoying the ride. Ride on lone wolf ride on!

-Tyrone On Everyday


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