Thursday, July 23, 2009

life on pluto

thinking and typing...need to go pick my meds and get another refilled. need to wash my car. need to clean out the flower bed some more. need to get motivated. doesn't seem to be happening. thinking about music. no more sappy love songs please. too late...sadly looking forward to going to work. don't seem to do much outside of working for four hours five days a week. wish i knew if I had finally fucked up and lost my chance. being a mind reader would help. you saying something would be even better. but that's not happening. wish these fucking things on the back of my head would go away. the sleep will get me soon. don't want to get sucked into a interesting new world only to have it ripped away from me and wake up back in this one. need to get over it. will soon me thinks. if i can give up my love for all things action figure-ish i can give up my love for other things. rant rant ramble ramble self loathe self loathe. the sleep almost just had me. women...143-829 could say a lot of things. for fear of someone i know reading this i won't. just lost the sleep. too much thought not enough action but that's life on pluto. my cold little distant planetoid. cast off from the sun. one day we'll get there.

-Tyrone On Everyday

Nothing is ever over. No chances are ever lost. Like said being a mind reader would help but I know all I need to know. I just don't do. Why you ask? I just haven't figured out how. I know what I want to say and I know they want to heard. But we'll get there. It'll just take a little longer.


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