Wednesday, July 22, 2009


dream time...

I went to this old building. It look like something out of the 1950's. This guy told me go there because the had really good fish tacos. I saw the guy he pointed me over to the guy selling the fih tacos. They looked good so i bought two. Tasted one of them. Told the guy it was good, took my other taco and made my way to another room in the building. In this room was a young black family. It was a young mother about three children. The father had just arrived and he was going in and out of the room. The young mother got up and the dress and flown up and you could see the shorts she was wearing underneath the skirt. I asked her"ma'am,how old are you?'. Twenty-five", she repiled. I then asked her what her names was. She said, "Tacovia"as she smiled. I was like wow I can't forget that face because somehow I knew I would be here long. I said i'm gonna look you up Tacovia, as in look her up in the future time where i'm from. She asked me if I was trying to run a number on her. I said no i just dont want to forget you. She said well you can always see me, i'll be the one out on the balcony. She gave me two pictures. In both pictures she was in the background and you could barely see her face. and like that I was transported way and woke up.

-Tyrone On Everyday


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