Saturday, August 08, 2009

lazy saturday

woke up in the late afternoon...

anyway, all day i've been listening to this song "Hey Girl" sung by George Benson. Written by Carole King. George just kills these ballads everytime. Wish I could sing like that.

So, yeah, this week was every unproductive. Kinda shocked it's Saturday already but all that really means is that day after tomorrow it'll be Monday again. Got to work next the girl again this week. Talked to her a few times. Nothing major. Last night was odd though. At the end of the night I was working on the split during runoff, same as usual but last night I said fuck it and decide to walk around the hub. I went to the buffeteria and got two drinks and began my journey. First I went outside and sat under a hangover near the bathrooms. She rode past me on her tug but I don't think she saw me. After a few minutes she rode past me again and mouthed hello i guess. After I left I decided to check for packages that may have fallen off the conveyor belts. So I'm walking towards a door way going outside and she passes me again. Still no big deal. She drives in and out of that door way most of the night. I'm walking back inside and she passes me again but i'm walking behind some trailer so she probably didnt see me. After I clock out for the night, I'm walking towards the buffereia on my way out and I'm thinking there's no way i'm gonna see her again cause she's been driving a different way all night. And sur enough as I'm turning the corner there she was again with a weird smile on her face. So is it me wanting to see her all night or was that just a bunch of weird coincidenes?

That's a really big wall text just to say I wanted to see her last night and I got to her a bunch of times. Said I wasnt gonna post stuff like this anymore but fuck it. Till I snap out of it, I remain...

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