Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RE: Please grant me a do-over!

1. I would have gone away to college. Or maybe just moved to the dorms at MCA. I've been living with my mother way too long. That change could have started there.

2. I would have gotten into running or a baseball in high school. I've never really been big on sports. But I've always liked to hit a baseball every now and then. Even if wasn't good at it. Asfar a running, lately I've just felt the need to but i just haven't.

3.I would started playing the guitar when I was kid. I could have been the next George Benson by now.

4. I would have started painting in high school. Just something i should have been doing back then.

5. I should have hung out more with my friends in high school. I don't know what was wong with me back then. But I really didn't want to go out anywhere or really do anything other talk comic books.

6. I would be a little more talkative mainly speacially with women. It's not hard for me to talk to women i know but it's different when you kind of like them. I know they are looking for me to say something but words fail me everytime and it's frustating as shit.

There's probably more but nothing else is coming to mind. So, for now i'll just say...


-Tyrone On Everyday


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