Sunday, August 30, 2009

the BIG flake out/ teh sunday morning random

so yeah I didn't go to the party. I did call the birthday girl. so I don't feel too bad about not going. I'll ta;k to her and all the people who actually went to the party and I'll get over whatever regrets i have. I pretty much wasted this saturday but maybe I just needed this time away from shit. And i'm never eating Popeye's chicken ever again. I got the bubble stomach runs. six hours later I still have gas.

Going for a late night walk in a few. Hope I dont scare the neighbors too bad. Why go for a walk? meh, why not. Giving up meat for a while too. been eating too much fried or baked chicken lately. Gonna give this vegetarian thing a try for a minute see how i like it.

The 3rd Movement probably wont start till Monday, Sunday night at the earliest. I'm delaying it because I want to go to the museum tomorrow. If I can get up before 1pm that is. If I don't the 3rd movement will start on Sunday and i'm go to the museum Tuesday.

I'm also looking for some art related things to get into. Probably end up going back to school. Been putting that off too long.

to be cont.


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