Tuesday, September 08, 2009

back to work teh Tuesday morning random

So that was the last day of my little 3 day VAY-K. Didn't do shit but shit and watched a few movies. Played more Mafia Wars on Facebook. Downloaded and listened to more Kaki King and Soil & Pimp sessions. I need to download some Jay Electronica. Listened to the new Jay Z as well. He has a few good songs on there but nothing worth mentioning. Later I'll probably either listen to more music or watch more episodes of As Time Goes By. Then around 8 or 9 I'll go mow the front lawn. After that, eat, play a video game, wait around, burn some cds then go to work. Watch Miss DB from across the line. Come home watch more As Time Goes By, play Mafia wars on Facebook and finally go to sleep.

Christ, all of that sounds a little depressing. I really nee to get a new job. Nobody is really hiring right now. I don't Know how to make of off this art thing. Guess I just need to work more and post my stuff around the internet, hope for the best and maybe something will come out of it. Hmm Don't know why I'm holding on to this job. Maybe I was distracted by Miss DB. Can't blame that on that situation. I'm just complacent. I dread going back to school but that might be the only answer. Just remembered I wanted to learn Flash animation. Need to remember to look into that this week. Anyway time for more games and crazy jazz music.



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