Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last of 2009- A Final Goodbye to the old Monster

Happy Thanksforgivingmerrymas !How in the hell do you sum up 2009? I laughed, I cried, I made some good artwork. Learned to let things go and I grew up a little bit more.Mostly I spent the whole year pinning away for this one chick and in a few weeks she'll be gone gone gone. Did I waste my time maybe but there was a lesson there I had to learn. So next time that feeling comes over me I'll know what to do. She definitely treats me a certain way around other people but the minute they're gone all eyes are on me. I don't need to be apart of that. Don't get me wrong i'm still bat-shit crazy about her but maybe after being 6 months and 3 continents away from her I'll finally be able to let go.

Today I also let go of the fears that keep me from flying. I've been making myself into a new monster all year and killing the one I let people make me into.I have a lot of ideas for this new monster and today is the day he gets rolling. This means I AM going to sit down and flesh out of this stories dancing in head. I AM going to be more of the artist I've always wanted to be. I AM finally gonna start learning how to play the guitar. This means I AM going to be a runner before the years is over. I AM going to healthier. THIS MEANS I AM GOING WIN IT ALL!!

So, yeah, good bye 2009. I learned many things in your presents and for that I thank you.



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