Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Last night Nintendo saved my life

Finally Nintendo is giving us Yoshi back in a Super Mario Mario game. Two games in fact New Super Maro Bros. Wii and SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2! Two games I thought would never happen. New Super Mario bros. looks most like a rehash of New Super Mario Bros. DS but I'll forgive that as not only is yoshi is back but the game is now 4player co-op! I've dreamed of a co-op Mario game since Super Mario Bros.2. Now if only they'd make Super Mario Galaxy 2 co-op.

Not only is Yoshi in both of these games but it looks like Mario gettign some new Power-Ups. New Super Mario Bros. Wii gives the "Propeller" Suit, which allows to spin and hover when shaking the Wii-mote. We also have a "Penguin" Suit, you can now freeze enemies mid air and use them as platforms!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 didnt reveal much about new power-ups but the trailer did show some kind of spinning top drill looking devive that allows you to dig underground and attack enemies. Yoshi looks to be getting a few new power-ups as well. The trailer showed Yoshi using his tongue to swing through the air. He also can be inflated like a balloon and used to hover much like the Bee Suit.

Nintendo you still pwn my ever living soul.


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