Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Burden Of Reflecting

Lost gray pictures of my past stain greener pastures of my future
Remembrance and recognition forces me to reconsider
I am seeking to regress and recreating what I've found a new beginning torn away
I'm spiraling spiraling down
Empty hands on the ends of these reaching arms need the touch of something real
Year by year we separate further
We are forgetting how to feel
For at the end of this long rope I hang in wait of fading echoes
Uncertainty haunts my everything
I look into tomorrow and I see nothing...
So tell me how it feels to be me
I've lost so much I cannot recall my identity
I would die for yesterday not caring where I need to go
Reshape relationships back into what I used to know
Tomorrow is so far and I no longer want to find a replacement
For all these pictures that are lost in my mind

Great lyrics but not too fond of the song.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

a nature boy's lament

Tired and defeated
with foot in mouth
I curse at thee
this thing called my life

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I let stupid unimportant shit effect me too much. That shit at work last night was real highschool lame shit but it shouldnt have bothered me as much as it did. It could be another sign that that
i've been at this job too long. I don't want to go back to school but is there really any other way to get out of FEDEX hell? I know what i want to do and i'm getting a better idea of how to do it. Like I always say, It may take me a while to get there but I'll get there.