Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye June 2009

Last day of June 2009, nothing important to say. I'm just gonna ramble for a few sentences. Let's see, my boy Jahreese got married two weekends ago. Kinda shocking only because you forget how much time has passed and how much people have grown. sometimes I feel like a keep myself stuck in college kid mode and refuse to grow up. Been working this job at Fed Ex for four years now. I know it's way beyond time to let it go. I'm not good with change but I learn to roll with it. So maybe I need to figuratively jump off a bridge and see what happens. Speaking of which, I told Dulcinea I like her and she politely laughed in my face. So, if it goes anywhere there great. If not, oh well, I tried. FML... Moving on...I'm rediscovering the artist in me. Slowly, I've got some ideas. Things can only go up from there. So, yeah, goodbye June 2009. It's been real.

-Tyrone On Everyday (toe)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Lone Wolf on the weekend

Lazy Saturday, woke up right before noon. Watching Michael Jackson videos instead of mowing the lawn. Looking for something to do other than mow the lawn. Just watched Transformers 2 and The Hangover on bootleg so that's two things I can't go out do. Plus I saved twelve bucks. Always a good thing. Meh rambling now. back to sleep.

-Tyrone On Everyday

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Now what?

I put it all out there and it doesn't hurt anymore. But there's still soooooooo much more to do and I don't think I'm up for it. Laying down and dying would be so much easier. But that's never an option. Reprogramming yourself is hard work. Maybe it's time to get some help. Maybe I live in my had too much. Maybe this post will make sense after I wake up.

-Tyrone Over Thinking Shit On Everyday

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Catullus said it best...

That man seems to me to be equal to a god,
That man, if it is right to say, seems to surpass the gods,
who sitting opposite to you repeatedly looks at you
and hears your sweet laughter, something which robs miserable me of all feelings:
for as soon as I look at you, squishy, no voice remains in my mouth.
But the tongue is paralyzed, a fine fire spreads down through my limbs, the ears ring with their very own sound, my eyes veiled in a double darkness.
Idleness, toe, is your trouble;
idleness is what delights you and moves you to passion;
idleness has proved ere now the ruin of kings andprosperous cities

Friday, June 19, 2009

Favorite Things About Myself

i'm a great artist and i'm only getting better.
I have a job that keeps my bills paid.
I am a funny dude most of the time.
I have a great fashion sense.
Ladies seem to love me. Maybe one in particular.
I have a passion for music and all thing poetic.
I don't have any enemies.
I have a few good friends.
My life aint so bad.

-Tyrone On Everyday

Monday, June 08, 2009

very very soon in a hub so so close

Long week ahead. Working dayside and nightside for the next two weeks. Trying to make some extra cheddah , so, I won't feel like I'm always broke. LET'S DO THIS!

-Tyrone On Everyday

Anything worth having is worth fighting for

Game On!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

U will Know

I see things. Even if they arent there. And I should never tell people I see these things but I did. do I feel like a fool? Hell yeah, that's nothing new. .. you know what fuck it. She stares at me everyday and I goddamn well know she is. Is she into me or some other dude? I have no idea. I will find out one way or another despite myself.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Last night Nintendo saved my life

Finally Nintendo is giving us Yoshi back in a Super Mario Mario game. Two games in fact New Super Maro Bros. Wii and SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2! Two games I thought would never happen. New Super Mario bros. looks most like a rehash of New Super Mario Bros. DS but I'll forgive that as not only is yoshi is back but the game is now 4player co-op! I've dreamed of a co-op Mario game since Super Mario Bros.2. Now if only they'd make Super Mario Galaxy 2 co-op.

Not only is Yoshi in both of these games but it looks like Mario gettign some new Power-Ups. New Super Mario Bros. Wii gives the "Propeller" Suit, which allows to spin and hover when shaking the Wii-mote. We also have a "Penguin" Suit, you can now freeze enemies mid air and use them as platforms!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 didnt reveal much about new power-ups but the trailer did show some kind of spinning top drill looking devive that allows you to dig underground and attack enemies. Yoshi looks to be getting a few new power-ups as well. The trailer showed Yoshi using his tongue to swing through the air. He also can be inflated like a balloon and used to hover much like the Bee Suit.

Nintendo you still pwn my ever living soul.

The Saga Continues

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking about me. but I can't come out and say what I need to say. Especially in front all of those assholes I work with. Still trying to figure this thing out. Tonight needs to be different.