Friday, November 20, 2009

silly badly written superman poem i wrote

Wanna be Superman aka Why I'm not a super hero

Just a quick note about myself
don't want to be a super villain
or make make a super killin
just be the best period but lacking that super willin
to win at life game and find my Lois Lane
Trapped in my fortress made of my solitude
can't escape from being that dude
living in his head half brain dead
not seeing the whole world is his for the taking
UP UP and AWAY is all he'd have to say
and maybe then she'd say
and maybe only then they'll fly far far away.

burn The house Down

Hi Blog. Long time no see. How are things with you? Hope you've enjoyed your little vacation, because teh Monster is back. The last few weeks have been pretty good to me. Made some new friend in real life and on the inter-webs. Had fun at the Halloween party I was dreading going to. Took a few nice photos while I was there. Danced a little. Drank a little. Got to see Miss T/Dulcinea/ Miss Deluxe Burger in all of her glory. She didn't stay long but I got a picture of her that's all that maters...

Speaking of which, she's leaving in Janurary and I still haven't made move one. Well, I made move one that went no where. So I guess I need to make move two whatever that is. If I figure it out I'll let you know. Damn it, these posts always go here and I end up thinking know I'm just gonna end it here.